Herbs for Prostate Health

What is the Prostate?
The prostate is a gland located below the bladder, found only in men. Its function is to secrete and store the white fluid that will be part of a man’s semen. As men grow older, problems with the health of the prostate can arise. Among them is prostatitis (bacterial infection), benign prostatic hyperplasia (or BPH – enlarged prostate), and prostate cancer.

Herbs for Prostate Health
Perhaps the most known herb for prostate health is saw palmetto. This herbal remedy is isolated from the fruits of a palm tree growing in the U.S.’s southeastern coasts. After the age of 40, testosterone levels in men decline and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) increases. DHT stimulates cell growth and prostate enlargement. Saw palmetto alleviates prostate enlargement by inhibiting the synthesis of growth-stimulating DHT.

Pygeum is an African native herb obtained from a tree bark. Studies indicate that pygeum can treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. Its action is also related to the inhibition of DHT. read more

Adult Music Prodigies

As a music teacher, I am familiar with the whole concept of prodigy. From junior high through part of college, I had a friend who was a child prodigy on the cello. I also knew young people whose parents had pushed them significantly in that direction, for better or for worse.

Part of the problem with the concept of the child prodigy is that it suggests that if you haven’t done x by year y, forget it. If you haven’t played all 24 Paganini Caprices by age eighteen, you will never be sufficiently good. I never knew what it was that I was supposed to be good enough to do. Even though I hadn’t played the Caprices, I was good enough to play in a string quartet, several orchestras, and even do some fiddling. And I taught violin.

It was after I got out of music school that I started to learn about what I call adult prodigies. For one thing, I started doing other kinds of music besides classical, and I found that there were people who were quite good at playing, who didn’t begin until they were above sixteen years of age. For example, I knew a very good concertina player who began playing at the age of forty-eight and this was his first musical instrument. read more

Gadget Review: T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream)

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Today, I got my hands on the new T Mobile G1, also known as the HTC Dream, which runs on Google’s new mobile platform, Android. I must say, it is an extremely well designed phone, with many features and functions.

Physical Design

The G1 has a very unique design, the bottom portion of the phone juts out at a slight angle. This, I assume, is to facilitate better pick up of the user’s voice during calls. To some, this unique quirk may be unsightly. But I found that it allowed the G1 to fit snugly in my hand. read more

Vaporesso Target 75W VTC cCell Ceramic Wick Full Kit Review

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The Target 75W VTC is the first of Vaporesso’s devices that features their innovative new cCell technology, a coil head with dual wicking embedded in a core of porous ceramic and organic cotton that can absorb vape liquid uk better, a highly promising design. Paired with a 75W mod that includes all your standard modes and settings this is a very interesting bundle Vaporesso has presented there at a price of $69.99. Possibly suited for both beginners and advanced vapers. We were especially curious about the cCell sub-ohm tank and if you are too, then read on to find out what we think about it.

Vaporesso Target 75W VTC Full Kit Specs And Build Quality

The Target VTC comes with the standard wattage output and temperature control modes. Variable wattage mode offers 5 to 75W of output at a minimum resistance of just 0.15 Ohm. Temperature control has a range of 100°C to 315°C. Honestly, these are all standard specs and there’s not really anything special about this mod to justify the price tag. read more

5 Eco-Friendly 2020 Must Have Auto Gadgets

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Hypermiling is a new wave of drivers. Hypermilers do everything from driving barefoot to carefully regulate how hard the accelerator is touched, to obsessively monitor fuel consumption. Most of us are not that extreme, but we do want to see a little relief at the pump. With these 5 gadgets, even hypermilers would be pleased with the MPG results!

  1. After market economy computers help you to see your MPG in various stages of driving. These little devices show real time results and help you to become an Eco-friendly driver when you see how much gas you waste when trying to make the light. Not only will these little beauties save gas, but they might also help you to cave on insurance if you can become a slower, safer driver! Scanguage is an affordable brand that you can pick up for around $160 and can install yourself.
  2. Solar Panels on your car may sound like a funny thing, but many people have these factory installed babies on their cars. While the power generated is not enough to power your car, it can power small items like your interior fan. This way on a hot summer day you can run the fan without making an impact on your MPG. However, many car lines have discontinued these wonders.
  3. Performance chips are becoming an ever popular after market item. Many use them to increase what their engine can do, but an increasing number of soccer moms are looking to them to help save MPG while hauling the kids around. Hypertech is one of the leading makers of performance chips. With these chips you can set shift points in your car, allowing you to save MPG by consistently running at a lower RPM, and even set the temperature for the engine cooling system. You should look through your manual and research the most efficient running temp for you car to ensure that you get the best MPG with this option.
  4. One of the most basic things a car needs is an air filter. While this may not be high tech, the process used to make reusable filters can be. By purchasing reusable air filters you are accomplishing two things. First, you are helping the environment by not having to throw away you old filters. These filters may cost around 3 times more, but you can simply hose them off and use them again instead of buying another! Most people change the air filter about 10 in the time that they own a car, if you simply bought a reusable one, you would save the cost of 7 filters! Second, air filters impact the efficiency of your car. With reusable filters, you can make sure that your car is running at top notch because you can keep your clean all the time!
  5. Navigation systems are common in many cars, but some people don’t realize the Eco-impact that they have. By installing a navigation system, such as a Tom-Tom, you can actually save gas because you can choose between the shortest route, least congested route and even routes with fewest stops. By using a navigation system for guidance while running errands, you can save major MPG and you can check it by using gadget #1 at the same time!

Many things make cars Eco-friendly and they may not even need to be high tech. To turn you car into an Eco car, you don’t really need to spend all the money for gadgets. Here are a few tips to economize your car for cheap. First clean out the junk, excess weight leads to lower MPG. Next, check your tire pressure. Also, combine errands and drive to the furthest first then backtrack, this gives your car the opportunity to fully warm up before you turn the engine on and off many times. Last, continuously research the latest ways to save MPG, but don’t obsess. You can always find your own ways to cut back. Try walking!

Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Pro review

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The iTaste MVP 3 Pro is an upgraded version of the original iTaste MVP 3 by Innokin. It has received some significant and much needed changes to allow better compatibility with today’s sub-ohm tanks by lowering the minimum resistance to 0.2 Ohm and doubling the wattage output to 60W. To accompany the increased performance Innokin has integrated a powerful new lipo battery and to make this deal even better the Pro version retails at a lower price than the original at $54.99. We always liked the iTaste MVP series and were excited to see whether those changes were enough to make this box mod relevant in the sub-ohm market again, so we tested it for you with our suggested vape liquid online.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3 Pro specs and build quality

This box mod with its bulky, rectangular shaped chassis has really got a fair bit of weight to it and overall makes a very robust impression. The iTaste MVP 3 Pro offers a variable voltage mode at a range of 3V to 9V and a variable wattage mode with a range of 6W to 60W. Unfortunately, fans of temperature control modes will have to look elsewhere because the iTaste MVP 3 Pro does not support TC. The integrated lipo battery is a real powerhouse with 4400 mAh that is guaranteed to last you for as much as you could possibly vape in a day and then some! Innokin have also implemented a handy little mini-USB cable tucked away on the bottom of the device which you can use to charge your smartphone, other box mods or any electronic device with a mini-USB port. Those perks come at a minor downside, though, as it does take a solid 5 hours to recharge the battery from zero to full. read more

Apple's Music Event 2020!

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As many of you know, Apple’s music event was on Wednesday, and they introduced some very interesting products, one being the Apple TV. Many of us were anticipating a new iPod Touch, after numerous part leaks. There were also new refreshes of the iPod Nano and Shuffle, including new controls and form factors. Although there was no iPhone segment the event was full of new Apple information.

The iPod Touch got a pretty big refresh, not only was it made thinner, but it was given a front facing camera and a rear one as well. The most visible change it has it it’s new retina screen, the same one in the new iPhone 4. The camera will be used for Facetime chatting with other ipods and iPhones. What I did find to be disappointing was the quality of the back camera, because it is no where near the 5 megapixels that iPhone 4 harnesses. I believe that Apple just needed to implement the front facing camera, and ditch the back one altogether. They should have waited until the technology was available for them to put a decent camera on the back, instead of rushing and adding a poor resolution one. The iPod Nano got some pretty major upgrades too, adapting the form factor of the new Shuffle and adding a multitouch screen. It ditched the camera and clicking wheel obviously, and it added a clip on the back for attaching it to clothing. The shuffle also got a few updates well, including the re-adoption of the physical click wheel. It was also given a clip on the back, for the same purpose as the one on the Nano. Other than those major physical features, the iPod lineup was not change drastically.

We also saw some previews of the new iOS software, including 4.1 for the iphone and iPod, coming next week, including HDR photos, which help improve the quality of the photos by taking different exposures of the same image. The most notable improvement is that it brings life back into the iPhone 3G, giving it major speed increases. It is also going to bring game center to the phone, allowing you to share scores and achievement. The most exciting update is probably iOS 4.2, which is set for release in November. It brings all of the great features on the iPhone to the iPad, including multitasking and folders, go name a few. Stay tuned for more Apple articles and rumors! If you want to learn more about the Apple TV, you can view my other article.

4 Ways to Bring Music into Your Family Life This Summer

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Music soothes the savage beast, or so the saying goes. Keep this in mind when a heat wave turns your family into cranky beasts this summer. Injecting a little more music into your everyday family life is an easy way to bring some joy into your home.

Stereo, not the TV – Instead of flipping on the TV, favor the stereo or MP3 player. Turning on music can become a habit in your home that can completely alter the way everyone interacts. Try a classical station for soothing background noise, Motown favorites for cleaning or cooking dinner or dance tunes just because. Give everyone a turn at choosing the music to keep it interesting. One way to accomplish this is to create free Pandora radio stations. This option is also good for finding new music and introducing different musical genres into your home. read more

Save Music Apppreciation Programs for Schools

These links emphasize how much music has influenced my life and now I’m hoping to have this great influence become a part of your readers lives.The first two links are insights into basic piano playing and the last link is my own semi-biographical but purely fictional account of my experience trying to get into one of those art schools like the governor’s magnet school for the arts.Links:


www.musicouch.com/Music-Making/How-to-Make-Composing-Piano-Pieces-Fun.788657 read more

Best Eco-Friendly Auto Gadgets for 2020

The race to go green with your car is on. There are many different eco-friendly auto gadgets on the market, each doing its part to become a must have gadget for the consumer. With the high price of gas, the consumer has less money available to purchase every gadget that comes out. At least environmentally friendly auto gadgets do some good to the consumer by helping the environment. This article will explore the top five eco-friendly auto gadgets for 2020.

  1. PLX Kiwi. The PLX Kiwi helps you to see how many miles per gallon of gas you are using at any given time in your drive. The PLX Kiwi is plugged directly into your car. The benefit of this eco-friendly car gadget financially is that it will help you to purchase less gas, as you learn how to get better gas mileage. When you realize that driving in rush hour traffic decreases your MPG, you may decide to stay later at work to avoid the rush hour. In turn, your gas bills will go down. As for the environmental benefits, you will use less gas which helps the environment.
  2. Scan Gauge II. The Scan Gauge II costs under $200. One feature it has is to track the gas mileage you are using. The Scan Gauge can actually calculate your cost per mile for gas as you drive. You will see what type of gas mileage you are getting, and can learn over time what types of road running use more gas. You’ll see directly how driving ten miles over the speed limit can decrease your miles per gallon. The financial benefit to this is that you’ll redirect your driving, and spend less money on gas. Using less gas is also good for the environment.

In addition to calculating MPG and cost per mile, the Scan Gauge II can also let you know about potential problems with your car before they get out of control. This will provide you a financial benefit if you can head of some major repair with something minor. Environmentally, if you can keep your car running this will cut down on the materials being used to make a new car or produce a new part.

  1. Solar Power Panel. Solar Power Panels are basically car battery rechargers for hybrid cars that recharge the car’s battery by using solar energy. This is environmentally sound because you don’t use electricity. As for financial benefits, you can often find solar power panels for under $100, that will cost much less than the cost of using electricity each time with a regular car battery charger for your hybrid car. Using the sun’s energy can save money, and this is a great eco-friendly car gadget.
  2. iPhone web-based application/ service that keeps track of the fuel efficiency of your car. So, you just have to have an iPhone and the web-based service. For this service to work, you simply enter the odometer reading and the fuel you buy each time you refill your gas tank. Over time, you will find out how efficient your car’s fuel is. This will help you financially by allowing you to discover if your car is working properly, so you don’t continue to drive it around using more gas than you should need to. Environmentally, you will discover problems and have them fixed, so that you have to purchase less overall gas. This will help the environment.
  3. Zero-emission electric motors. This is probably the best auto ‘gadget’ you can purchase for the environment. You are basically replacing your gas powered engine with an electric engine. The benefit to purchasing this gadget is that you don’t have to wait for the United States to make available enough electric cars to meet demand. Electric vehicles (EV’s) may permeate the market at some point, but until then, this gives you a second option. You will save the environment by not using gas, and you will save your pocketbook by not having to purchase gas. If you compound this with a solar powered battery charger, you’ll really be scoring big in the green department.